SOFiSTiK Newsletter May 2018: Advanced User Workshops Bridge Design

Dear SOFiSTiK user,

The Advanced User Workshops in Helsinki will cover in-depth bridge design topics. György Schmidt and Dr.-Ing. Martin Siffling will lead participants through hands-on exercises that provide advanced knowledge of handling Concrete, Composite, and Steel Bridges. Only a limited number of seats are available for these exciting and insightful workshops, so register now!

Your SOFiSTiK Team



September 20th, 2018

Advanced User Workshop - Day 1 | Helsinki

Advanced handling of Concrete Bridges.



  • Prestressed Beam Bridge: Parametric Modelling, Prestressing and Construction Stages
  • ULS, SLS Design of Prestressed Concrete Beams
  • ULS, SLS Design of Concrete Shells
  • Material Non-Linear Analysis: Beams and Shells in Cracked Condition
  • CSM Superpositioning 6.10a+6.10b

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September 21st, 2018

Advanced User Workshop - Day 2 | Helsinki

Advanced handling of Composite and Steel Bridges.



  • Composite Beam Bridge: Parametric Modelling, Cross Section Editor and Construction Stages
  • ULS, SLS Design of Composite Beams
  • Steel Bridge: System Generation, 2nd Order Analysis, Class 4 Section Design
  • Geometric Non-Linear Analysis: Buckling, Ultimate Load Iteration

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