Work from home with SOFiSTiK

Dear SOFiSTiK User,
The current situation caused by the Corona (COVID-19) pandemic represents a challenge for everyone.
We would like to do our best to offer you a solution in this difficult and uncertain time. Please find the details of our solution below.

Free of charge SOFiSTiK Home Use License
This license will allowyour engineers to work from home and to continue their project work by using Free of charge Home use licenses.This license contains a rather complete SOFiSTiK module configuration. The one-time license is valid for 21 days after activation and is installed via a file that we will send you by an email. 

The action period has already ended. If you need more licenses, our CustomerCare team will be happy to help you via


Special hints for the use of Network license in your Home Office using a VPN connection
Our standard network license can be used from the distance as well. All you need is a stable VPN connection to connect to your license server. The technical requirement like necessary bandwidth is not really an issue as we only check the license through the VPN tunnel. The actual application and all data handling runs local on your PC.

The documentation for all necessary settings in the licensing (“Codemeter”) system you find here:


Trainings, project support
Because of the circumstances, we are unable to offer any on-site training or support at your offices. However, if you need any assistance, we would be glad to arrange web-based training or sessions for you. We have access to typical tools such as GoToMeeting, Teamviewer, MS Teams and so on. 

As the full license contains a wider range of modules, your engineers can use this opportunity to discover, learn and study features with our assistance, if needed. The only thing you need is a valid internet access. 


Visits and presentations in your office
We care for your well-being and , following up with the general advice, we have cancelled all of our upcoming visits and presentations until further notice to prohibit group gathering and travelling. We strongly recommend that, during the next couple of weeks, you use our web-assistance facilities. 

We will ensure that we invite our colleagues form development, product management etc to these meetings, as needed and which is usually not possible in personal visits. 

We hope that this immediate measure helps you. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us through should there be the need to more information or discussion. 
Your SOFiSTiK Team