Subsystem View

Creates a new subsystem view in Revit for generation of a corresponding SOFiSTiK Finite Element model.

Two options are possible:

  • Subsystem View: the view is created by manual selection of elements

  • Subsystem View by Levels: (available through the drop-down menu of the command) the view is automatically created via the information levels of the Revit project.

The subsystem specification window appears where the name of the subsystem (and its view) and parameters for load transfer can be defined.

By validating with OK, the newly created view is added to Revit’s Project Browser and opened.


In a subsystem view, Revit structural elements which analytical and geometrical model is visible will be generated as Finite Elements. Revit elements where only the analytical model is visible will be generated as supports (if the corresponding option is activated in the Generate Dialog).


A Revit View can be used as a SOFiSTiK subsystem view if its parameter SOFiSTiK_SubsystemName is filled.


Currently, the transmission of loads between subsystem does not support user defined subsystem paths. Therefore, if you wish to transfer loads between subsystems, please make sure the parameter SOFiSTiK_SubsystemPath of the Revit views is empty.