Set Marks

The Set Marks tool sets the marks for rebars and fabric sheets according to a given start number and increment. Therefore, identical reinforcement (shape, dimensions, material, bar diameter etc.) will be detected. Its operation differs depending on the selected mode for marks, whether the command affects a sheet, a host or the entire project.

  1. Click Reinforcement tab > Mark panel > icon_SetMarks (Set Marks).

The Select Sheet/Host dialog displays (In case active view is not a sheet in the mode “marks per sheet”)


The Set Marks dialog displays.

  1. Set a start number and an increment for the rebars and/or fabric sheets.

If marks exist, the tool starts after the largest mark in use. If you activate the Checkbox “Renew all” all marks will be overwritten.


Set the minimum digits for marks on the Marks tab in the Settings dialog.


Before attempting this procedure in the operational mode “Marks per sheet” the sheet assignment must be already completed.